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The City of Stockbridge

4640 North Henry Boulevard, Stockbridge, GA, 30281, US


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Welcome to the City of Stockbridge's Garage/ Yard Sale Application

Please read and acknowledge the following information before submitting application.


Yard Sale signs must be placed in the yard of the resident who is hosting the yard sale. No signs may be placed within the Right of Way (ROW). Yard Sale signs may be placed in the yard one day prior to the event and must be removed no later than one day after the event. Yard Sale signs may be placed on other people’s property ONLY with permission of the property owner or resident. For more information or to obtain a Yard Sale Permit, please call (770) 389-7900.

Please reference CITY ORDINANCE 9.28.010

Before completing this application, please refer to the following link to verify if you are within the Stockbridge City Limits:

  • Enter your address and click the Address Search icon 
  • Highlight your address and click on the Parcel Number

The area Millage Group should reflect City/Stockbridge. You may now proceed with the application. If the area reflects anything other than City, please contact HENRY COUNTY or CLAYTON COUNTY.


*Two yard sales per year, two days at a time, Monday-Saturday  (NEVER on SUNDAY)

*Between hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.

*Small items must be displayed on tables.

*Clothing must be either hung on racks or neatly folded on tables.

*Large items may be displayed on the ground.

*Signs must be placed in the yard of person conducting yard sale and removed after the sale.

*The person responsible for the yard sale MUST provide parking off the street.*

*A copy of your Valid State I.D./License is required*

You may provide this information in person or upload a copy via online. Your request will NOT be processed without all necessary documents.

Should you require further assistance, please contact the Stockbridge City Hall at (770) 389-7900

Please check that you agree before continuing.
I acknowledge that I have read, understand and am authorized to complete this form, and am not acting on behalf of a third party.
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