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The City of Stockbridge

4640 North Henry Boulevard, Stockbridge, GA, 30281, US


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Welcome to the

City of Stockbridge

To verify that your address is in the Stockbridge City limits, visit Select SEARCH RECORDS, ACCEPT acknowledement of the statement, select LOCATION ADDRESS and enter information required ;then select SEARCH ADDRESS.

As shown in the model below: the upper right-hand corner displays an area labeled Millage Group. ** If you are in the City limits of Stockbridge this area will display (CITY/STOCKBRIDGE) and you may proceed with your application. **

Owner and Parcel Information

Owner Name


Mailing Address

Parcel Number

Millage Group

 0003 (City/Stockbridge) 


Total Millage


Location Address

Property Usage



Total Acres

Landlot / District

Parcel Map

Subdivision Name


Subdivision Lot/Block

Plat Book


Plat Page


Please have all information readily available when completing this form.

We recommend retaining a copy of your application and/or the assigned Receipt Number for referencing purposes.

Please be advised upon submission of this application, the applicant MUST appear in person to Stockbridge City Hall located at 4640 North Henry Boulevard, Stockbridge, GA 30281, with a valid Georgia Driver's License to complete the application process in it's entirety.  

If you are renting your property, please bring a copy of your lease.

A deposit may be required to establish service.


If you need assistance, please contact the City of Stockbridge Utility Billing Department at (770) 389-7901.

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